Tyreek Hill on pushing his receivers coach: I was just fired up, happy

Tyreek Hill on pushing his receivers coach: I was just fired up, happy

Chiefs coach Andy Reid put to rest any controversy regarding Tyreek Hill‘s shove of his receivers coach, Greg Lewis. Reid said earlier this week that Hill and Lewis were just “messing around.”

Hill confirmed Wednesday his playful shove of Lewis was all in good fun.

“I play the game with so much passion. I was just trying to give the guys energy,” Hill said, via video from Mitchel Summers of WIBW. “We put so much in this game. Like, I come off the sideline like fired up and I just give my coach a shove. That’s me and my personality, man. I’m just fired up and I’m just happy just to be in the NFL and just to be a part of this great organization. A lot of people seen it as me as being a hothead on the sideline, being a diva you could say, but it wasn’t nothing like that. It was just I was fired up and trying to give the guys energy. Think about it. I wish everybody would just think about it: If I would have really pushed my coach, everybody would have been holding me back. It was just like one of those fired up, pushing. We were laughing; we were giggling. We were enjoying each other. That’s all it was.”

The CBS broadcast caught the shove in between series, while going to commercial. They replayed it after the break and showed Hill and Lewis laughing later.

Hill finished Sunday’s win with eight catches for 110 yards.